-Our help for those in need-


E S S E N T I A L  K I T . 

Let's stay connected. These times are tough, for so many people; it may be your neighbour, your colleague or your friend. Anyone of them could be dealing with extra stress, struggling to sustain a daily living with basic essentials due to not receiving any financial support from the government. We know that sharing is truly caring, so let's appreciate the small things we can do for each other. It doesn't take much, so let's start with one small step and a fresh mindset. We can do this together. 

Here at Lasagna Lab we want to give a little something to those in need. There has been a kit created for this purpose, to supply people with a few items like milk, eggs, legumes and our vegetarian Sorrentina lasagna. 

All we ask is for you to fill in your details below and tell us a little bit about your current situation. Don't worry, all information are kept confidential. 

Then you can collect your kit Mon - Fri between 3pm-8pm. Remember to follow the 5km radius from where you live to avoid any unnecessary fines. Let's push this movement forward.
We are here for you! Do not fear. 

 #staytogether  #letslasagnatogether

Thanks! We will get back to you ASAP 😊