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Nice one, you want to know more about us!

Below you see a picture of two very excited Italians. Yes, we are as bubbly, loud and quirky as we look!

Over 10+ years of friendship, we thought it was time to get together and do our own 'lil thang'.

One openminded passionate chef, plus one overall mastered host, equals an "al dente" partnership. 

Life pushed us in the right direction and has brought us to what we now want to share with y'all; 


Our philosophy is a combination of what we've learned through out the years of experience in the world of hospitality. Sustainability is something we strongly encourage our diners, friends and family, but also the whole hospo community.

We are conscious of where the world is heading towards, and with that in mind we believe we all hold responsibility to act and react; minimising usage of plastic, reusable containers and recycling will be a few of our main focuses.

Now. What is our true concept? 'Italian classic with a twist'

Well, we want our diners to feel like this place can be somewhere to just BE. Chill, have a glass of vino, a cheeky negroni and try out one or perhaps two of our delicious and 'oh so well' put-together lasagnas.

The Lab part comes in where we are two passionate guys that aren't afraid of thinking outside the box. Opposite! We are even curious of your thoughts and ideas! Bring it on folks, we want to reach every single one of you, so we can please all mouths out there!

Lasagnalab Neon Sign best lasagna in Melbourne
Alessio and Mattia eating best lasagna in Melbourne
Lasagnalab front window best lasagna in Melbourne

Our Vision

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